Today’s News - Wednesday, June 26, 2019

EDITOR'S NOTE: Apologies for not posting yesterday (stuff happens).

●  Bliss parses Sidewalk Labs' 1,524-page proposal for its "high-tech urban utopia" in Toronto, "the controversial Quayside waterfront development - and it's a lot bigger - the potential for scope creep may be an even bigger sticking point."

●  Pacheco parses "some of the key design features for the building-focused portions of the Quayside proposal" by Snøhetta, Michael Green Architecture, and Heatherwick Studio.

●  Meanwhile, China has big plans for a "green-tech megalopolis" linking Beijing and nine other cities with a "master plan to develop the Pearl River Delta into a sustainable innovation hub that also conserves its ecology" (and testing "sponge cities").

●  Adam Rogers cheers NYC's "aggressive set of greenhouse-gas-limiting laws" (a cap-and-trade - sort of) - it's not exactly Soleri's arcology, but it "does treat the buildings a little bit like one - buildings are already engineering marvels; surely they can get even more marvelous."

●  Pacheco takes a deep dive into L.A.'s "most transformative urban vision in a generation" on its way to the 2028 Olympics "that will make use of existing or already planned facilities" with the "expectation that L.A. will at least break even on hosting the games" (as it did in 1984).

●  Speaking of the Olympics, eyefuls of 3XN & IttenBrechbühl's International Olympic Committee's HQ in Lausanne - "the most sustainable in the world, the architects say."

●  Wainwright x 2: He cheers new council housing: "It's back, it's booming - and this time it's beautiful - we may be inching towards a time when public housing is no longer an endangered species but a source of well-designed, high quality homes to be proud of."

●  On a lighter note, he's quite taken with the "glamorous" and "risqué" Standard Hotel on London's Euston Road: "America's raciest hotel chain has turned a boring British office block into an Austin Powers-style crash pad. Groovy baby!"

●  Fazzare tells the tale of how Foster ended up designing a boathouse for nonprofit Row New York on the Harlem River - "thanks to a fortuitous email chain, and a shared love for crew" (and Bade Stageberg Cox as local partner).

●  Byrnes cheers ICON's "clever design updates" to Rudolph's Brutalist Hurley Plaza in Boston that "bring the plaza's most dangerous spaces up to code" and "keep the spirit of Boston's heroic concrete architecture alive, despite its flaws."


●  Call for entries: Eco Park Contest (international): propose a new concept for a green recreational area in Venice, Italy (cash prize, no fee!).

●  ArchDaily / Strelka Award 2019 to celebrate emerging architects and new ideas that transform the contemporary city.

●  Call for entries: Mockett's 34th Annual Design Competition for innovative ideas in furniture parts, components, accessories, and hardware (cash + royalties; no fee!).

Winners all:

●  The Australian Institute of Architects 2019 Gold Medal goes to Santa Monica-based Australian expatriates Koning and Eizenberg + All the 2019 National Prizes.

●  Finalists named in the Radical Innovation competition for 2019's most innovative hotel concepts.

●  Eyefuls of the Awards for Hospitality Experience and Design / AHEAD Americas 2019 winners.


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