Today’s News - Wednesday, May 17, 2017

●   Hawthorne has an interesting take on Williams and Tsien's preliminary design for the Obama library: it "landed on the wrong side of the line dividing a sober design from a somber one. A little zeal in the next version - some clearer signs of energy and life - would go a long way."

●   Brussat re: Stern's Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia: "I know the design is excellent because it irks Inga Saffron."

●   Buday finds a lesson for the design community in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame": "a building without an engaging oral, prose or graphic narrative is meaningless and eventually forgotten. Architecture is more than an empty shell to be filled - it's a story to be told."

●   Dickinson explains why following the money makes architects "economically bipolar - psychologically validated by booms and crushed by busts," and important lessons to be learned from "this doldrum decade."

●   Apple offers a peek at plans to convert a Carnegie Library in Washington, DC, into a new store: "there are bound to be questions about handing one of the city's more cherished buildings to a corporation."

●   Capps raises questions about Apple's "plans to turn a Beaux Arts gem into a lavish gadget store - there should be a better public use of such a cherished site."

●   On a brighter note, Brooks + Scarpa's The Six housing project for disabled veterans in L.A.'s MacArthur Park neighborhood "breaks the prescriptive mold of traditional affordable housing" with a "focus on community spirit" (fab photos!).

●   The planned $1.2 billion, nearly 30-building West 2nd District in Reno, Nevada, will be "the world's first high desert biome eco-district."

●   A look at 7 megaprojects that will transform Chinese cities by 2050 (mega is putting it mildly!).

●   Stott, on a lighter note, offers 6 of "the kookiest Chinese copies. Some are baffling, some are kind of cute - all of them are in some way entertaining" (PompiDON'T and Zaha Hadidn't included).

●   A look at why Corbu was appointed to design Chandigarh: "It is all about abandoning class-based system of housing."

●   Florida parses the Creative Class Diversity Index: "metros with larger concentrations of key creative class minority groups have higher levels of overall creative class diversity."

●   JustDesign.US is a new initiative launched by an "alliance of architecture pressure groups" that "aims to spotlight U.S. architecture firms that treat workers fairly."

●   An Australian studio launches A Reparative List For Your Male-Dominated Design Conference, an international directory of "female creatives" that "aims to tackle the 'stone-aged' under-representation of women in design."

●   The Architectural League of New York 2017 President's Medal goes to His Highness the Aga Khan in honor of the 40h anniversary of the Aga Khan Award in Architecture.

●   A team called T+E+A+M is tapped to design the 4th annual Ragdale Ring outdoor theater in Chicago's North Shore - the competition is "architecturally adventurous, and often playfully eccentric."

●   The Malaysian Institute of Architects hands out "the Malaysian architecture Oscars."

●   One we couldn't resist: the winner of the What's That Thing? Award for bad public art is "a clumsy, aggressive, cheap-looking new sculpture overlooking Belfast. Haven't the people of Northern Ireland suffered enough?"

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