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Today’s News - Wednesday, December 7, 2016

•   Rogers and Harbour urge Sydney to build tall and close to the water, but the city "wants to ensure" that a Barangaroo "doesn't happen again" - it "is not an urban design strategy."

•   King parses SF's new towers that are redefining the skyline: "this is not your parents' San Francisco. What I find most startling is this: The people I've heard from don't seem particularly upset."

•   Mallett lays out how to "reinvigorate planning. We are missing out on major opportunities to densify and intensify because of outdated planning shibboleths and rules that preclude new thinking."

•   LeBlanc explores how VR "is already disrupting the architectural design industry - and architecture will never be the same."

•   Zacks delves into how "climate change displacement is becoming the new gentrification" and "how to stop it - and why is anyone rushing to live in disaster zones?"

•   Green gets a progress report from the six teams in the Rebuild by Design initiative two years into planning and design.

•   Marks Barfield brings a "green heart" to the University of Cambridge Primary School with a "BREEAM Excellent-rated campus powered by solar energy."

•   Wainwright picks his "top 10 buildings of 2016" that includes a "billion-dollar beanpole," which he finds "hard to believe" that it came "from the same hand as London's bloated Walkie Talkie."

•   Moore makes his pick of the best architecture of 2016 (and one "turkey").

•   Maltese architect Fiorentino bemoans that "money and time have replaced the true ingredients of Maltese architecture. Let us give the present Maltese character to the people yet to come."

•   Ghanaians wanting to study architecture used to head to Europe or the U.S., bringing back "foreign techniques, foreign materials, and creating foreign buildings" - now, they are "just as likely to study within their home country. With a new wave of talent emerging, so too is distinctly Ghanaian architecture."

•   Studio Gang is tapped to design the expansion of the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock (now all they have to do is raise the money).

•   Greenwald highlights Snøhetta's "collective skill sets and problem solving process. Analyzing their innovation process can yield important lessons for companies."

•   Heatherwick sits down at the Parsons Table with Paul Goldberger: "I don't have the confidence to design a thingy that makes you go, 'Wow' - I'd like to find an alternative that emphasizes value and isn't rubbish."

•   Miranda takes us on a "tour through dark chapters of American history" found at National Park Service sites "dealing with issues of race and ethnicity" - it was a "visceral" experience, "and given the political moment, so incredibly relevant."

•   Volner found "a subdued" and "downbeat mood" at Design Miami - "it seemed like everyone was just trying to stay high and dry."

•   Winners all in the Architecture at Zero's net-zero energy competition + Canadian Architect 2016 Awards of Excellence + 2016 International Awards for Religious Art & Architecture.

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