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Today’s News - Wednesday, August 3, 2016

•   ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of "the beautiful result when wine-makers and architects team up."

•   Dickinson provides us with our must-read of the day as he ponders what could be bad for architects if Trump ends up running the country, and "why politicians are even less respected than architects."

•   Betsky sends a postcard from Dubai: "the city's downtown, though rapidly filling with buildings, is still short on character" - it's "trying to be a real city. It still has a long way to go."

•   Lange delves deep into "the problem with believing half the world's population lives in cities," and "why holding on to that number is harming our design discourse."

•   Leber considers whether historic preservation is "keeping cities from building affordable housing. The answer is, of course, complicated."

•   A developer slams Save Britain's Heritage for trying to stop the demolition of the 1912 Futurist cinema and other historic buildings" in Liverpool.

•   Sydney has towering plans "to send the central business district skywards" (affordable housing to be included - we hope they're right).

•   Kuang considers Airbnb's "first foray into urban planning" that "offers a tantalizing vision for doing well while doing good."

•   Kolson Hurley minces no words about the "staggering $1 billion" being requested to "resuscitate" DC's 40-year-old Air and Space Museum: it's "an extraordinary amount of money for a brand-new museum, let alone a renovation."

•   Moore x 2: he hopes the architects chosen to transform London's historic Smithfield General Market into the new Museum of London: will "rise to the challenge," but worries "there is still a risk the chance might not be taken" to make an exceptional museum.

•   He cheers new and very different piers in Hastings and Brighton: "both play Lazarus with locations that seemed doomed, and both are magnificent achievements" (one is "a giant lollipop on which the sucky bit moves up and down" - a description for the ages!).

•   Wainwright gives (mostly) thumbs-up to the Brighton i360 pier: "The design is more airport" and a branding post for British Airways "than kiss-me-quick seaside fun. But by night, when it glows - it is hard to resist."

•   Eyefuls of Hassell and OMA's "bold and distinctive" design for the new Western Australian Museum in Perth (historic restoration included).

•   A great Q&A with McDonough re: "concepts like live-work everywhere all the time, re-use, disassembly, and the 'circular economy.'"

•   Sustainability and urban rail activist Newman has a few issues with Australia's plans for high-speed rail: "At $200 billion we'd better get it right" - but he's not all that optimistic.

•   Three Dutch students launch Motown Movement and buy a house in Detroit that they're turning into "a living model" that "will help residents find affordable ways to retrofit their houses and save energy (and cash)."

•   One we couldn't resist: the National Trust for Historic Preservation and Heineken team up with a crowdfunding campaign to restore Candela's Miami Marine Stadium (we might just have to go for a "Save Your Seat" t-shirt!).

•   Four designs are shortlisted for French Memorial at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in New Zealand.

•   Call for entries: EOI: Upper Orwell Crossings Project for two new bridges in Ipswich, UK + Call for Papers: Between Data and Senses: Architecture, Neuroscience and the Digital Worlds for the international conference in London next March.

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