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Today’s News - Monday, April 6, 2015

•   A rather grumpy news day to start the week: Chipperfield (channeling Nouvel?) wants his name removed from his Museum of Culture in Milan: the bad flooring makes it "a museum of horrors" - it's "a pathetic end to 15 years of work" (client says he was "impossible to please").

•   Bentley weighs in on the Obama Library vs. Chicago Parks debate: "Mayor Emanuel may have delivered on his promise to 'move heaven and earth' in pursuit of the library too literally."

•   A Denver architect bemoans the "banality" of buildings being built in the city's urban core: it's time "to pause and consider whether there might be more appealing, innovative approaches - before it's too late" (he offers examples).

•   Davies ponders the changes in Brisbane over the last 30 years: it "has changed enormously - but it's less clear if it's become a more interesting and distinctive place."

•   Wainwright minces no words about what he thinks of the U.K.'s new housing design guide that favors "tiny, unlivable, backward-looking homes" with no mention of interior space standards: the focus is "solely on what a house should look like from the street, concerned that is should be pleasing to the nostalgic eye."

•   Attorney Michael Sussman takes Orange County to court over demolition plan for Rudolph's government center in Goshen, NY, claiming legislators are "now are poised to unnecessarily expend tens of millions of dollars to destroy the integrity and primary architectural features of an iconic building."

•   Townsend delves deep into London's Garden Bridge brouhaha, with critics claiming it would be "a misuse of funds": it "was projected as a wondrous green oasis floating above the Thames," but many are not convinced: "This gift horse has got some fairly dodgy teeth."

•   Gunther offers a very interesting take on the two different approaches to expansion by the Cooper Hewitt and the Frick Collection by considering the "historical context of the house museum typology when examining this contrast in alternative design solutions and the ways reuse can succeed."

•   Brussat at his brutal best re: two upcoming tomes about Corbu that "focus on his totalitarian bent - against the backdrop of a Corbu protectorate in full drool."

•   On much brighter notes: Moore gives Haworth Tompkins a standing ovation for its makeover of Lasdun's National Theatre, now "looking better than ever. Their task has been to let it breathe again."

•   Lange cheers Mecanoo/Sasaki's Bolling Municipal Building in Roxbury, MA, "a long architectural saga with an unexpected happy ending. Touring it felt both bracing and inspiring, proof that letting architects solve urban problems with strategy and taste creates richer, more open cityscapes."

•   Stephens looks into Sacramento's downtown redevelopment, starting with the renovation of "one of the last of the great pre-Depression urban rail depots that almost did not survive the 20th century."

•   Brake finds Joy's Princeton train station to be a joy: "There is something satisfying about a great architect taking on the utterly mundane - small, everyday buildings can attain a higher public purpose."

•   Capps really likes the ULI's plan to save Houston's Astrodome, which is "good news for fans of the Eighth Wonder of the World. Here's the bad news: Bold, creative, and determined leadership comes at a cost."

•   Big changes for AIANY and the Center for Architecture as Rick Bell unexpectedly resigns, and former NYC commish of design and construction David Burney steps in as interim executive director (sad/happy news for us).

•   Q&A with Nigerian Institute of Architects President Brimmo re: "how the institute plans to revolutionize the architecture profession in Nigeria" (raising awareness about "quacks" is one item on his agenda).

•   Eyefuls of the 2015 AIA/ALA Library Building Awards winners (great presentation!).

•   Harvard GSD names three finalists for the 2015 Wheelwright Prize, a $100,000 traveling fellowship.

•   Call for entries: 2016 Rolex Awards for Enterprise is "seeking visionaries to advance human knowledge and well-being + Society of Architectural Historians $50,000 H. Allen Brooks Travelling Fellowship.


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