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Today’s News - Tuesday, March 3, 2015

•   O'Sullivan explains why "London doesn't need another Manhattan-esque High Line Rip-off. It needs a Parisian New Deal."

•   Florida parses the updated Global City Economic Power Index: "Sorry, London: New York is the world's most economically powerful city."

•   Thalis minces no words about what he thinks of Sydney's plan to sell the Powerhouse Museum site to developers: "Some in government seem to think that beautiful buildings on prime public land to be somehow wasted on us citizens," and Sydney "risks becoming a dumb, disposable city for the rich."

•   Hume makes the same case about Toronto: "Selling off assets is a bad bargain for city - an under-enrolled school becomes a building that can fetch a price, not a part of the public realm to be redeployed."

•   In St. Petersburg, Florida, a man has a plan to buy a neighborhood for entrepreneurs and artists that could be a "model for hybrid social impact investing to regenerate an area, and perhaps a way of smoothing out the extremes of gentrification."

•   Stephens has issues with measuring density in Laidley's "Sprawl Index" project: it is "doomed to be disappointing, if not outright misleading," by "using the same modernist objective approach as did the 1950s planners who got us into this mess in the first place."

•   South Australia sets its sight on a "comprehensive overhaul of the planning system to limit sprawl and renew social housing."

•   An urban scientist explains why urban planners "should care what goes on in their cities' bars and clubs," and offers "formula-based recommendations."

•   Bliss blisses out about de Botton's "provocative" new video, "How to Make an Attractive City": "It's been a long time since looks carried much weight in city planning, and his manifesto is a clever (and good-looking) push to relight that interest."

•   Stokols delves into a project in China that hopes to use "small-scale design interventions and renovations" to revive dying villages that might otherwise face extinction.

•   Pearman parses the new convention center in Mons, Belgium: "nobody hires Libeskind to produce a dumb box. The detailing may not be exquisite and the external form distinctly willful, but this is honest, not cynical architecture."

•   Wilkinson, the Googleplex's original architect, weighs in on BIG/Heatherwick's new HQ: "I think it's brilliant" (but it won't be easy to build).

•   Eyefuls of the HWKN/KSS-designed Pennovation Center, the University of Pennsylvania's latest hub for entrepreneurs, researchers, and innovators.

•   Eyefuls of finalists in the "Boston Living With Water" competition (a fish farm included).

•   Welton's Q&A with Somerson, RISD's new president, re: her philosophy: it's "about distilling theory, social issues and mental effort down into an idea - at its heart, it's about problem-solving."

•   Great presentations of AJ's Woman Architect of the Year 2015, and Emerging Woman Architect of the Year 2015 (there are three!).

•   One we couldn't resist: Schumacher does it again: the "serial social media provocateur" lashes out (in long form) at public funding for arts education; "erstwhile academic colleague" Lootsma calls him out for his hypocrisy: "I am afraid he really lost it."


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