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Today’s News - Wednesday, January 21, 2015

•   CTBUH crunches the skyscraper numbers and crowns 2014 the "tallest year ever" (with lots of charts and graphs to prove it).

•   Lucas could take his museum to L.A. if Chicago falls through: "I do want to get it done in my lifetime."

•   Eyefuls of Holl and Lake|Flato's expansion plan for the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: "It doesn't stoop to cheap tricks to attract attention."

•   Lamster says the museum's expansion plan "is a bright idea, but "does not come free of controversy...Despite this potential landmine, Holl's ambitious plan promises to outshine, in every sense, major new museum buildings by signature architects in L.A., NY, and Chicago."

•   Hawthorne has less enthusiasm for the Huntington Library's new visitor center: it's not bad, but "there's something dispiriting going on here" - and it's not all the architect's fault, but the client's "reluctance to give architecture more than a narrow functional role."

•   Saffron is totally dispirited by revised proposal for an apartment building behind Cret's Rodin Museum, "now nearly twice as tall as before - a tsunami instead of a wave. Won't someone in City Hall please come to the rescue of this Philadelphia treasure?"

•   King x 2: he gets a kick out of a "goofy" new San Francisco building dripping with "heartfelt charm" - it may be "an overbaked soufflé of architectural embellishments," but he'll "take heartfelt over humdrum any time" (with pix to prove it).

•   He delves into the demise of DS+R's "Facsimile": it may be a "rule-breaking public artwork, but it's just plain broken" (and a cautionary tale for "other buzzed-about architects").

•   Bentley ponders whether Baby Boomers could make cohousing in the U.S. mainstream, though it's still "not an answer to the growing problem of affordable housing."

•   A sleek, stainless-steel-clad micro-housing project in Seoul is designed for flexibility and "encourages inhabitants to interact with their neighbors."

•   Hough hopes Raleigh, NC, can get its act together in planning a (huge) new urban park: "there is reason for both hope and skepticism. It is hard to make big moves while thinking with small minds."

•   Brussat visits Providence, Rhode Island's "newly sanitized" Kennedy Plaza and finds "blank sterility" in its "wind-swept vastnesses of unused space" (reference made to "lipstick on a pig," too).

•   Groves cheers the powers-that-be in Beverly Hills defeating a move to weaken laws protecting historic buildings.

•   Nouvel defends (and lays blame) for his boycott of the opening of his concert hall: "The Philharmonie de Paris has shot itself in the foot - in both feet."

•   Winners of the Workplace of the Future competition "outsmart the open office" + Eyefuls of winners of the Cities for Our Time urban design competition (SCAD made out like a bandit!).

•   One we couldn't resist: thousands of fish are being removed from an abandoned, roofless shopping mall in Bangkok (ya gotta see the pictures!).

•   Call for entries: 2015 IOC/IAKS Award for Exemplary Sports and Leisure Facilities & IPC/IAKS Distinction for Accessibility.


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