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Today’s News - Tuesday, May 13, 2014

•   ArcSpace brings us Meyer's most excellent take (and his own most excellent photos) re: Holl's Reid Building, "a new, shiny piece of Glas(s)gow."

•   Zandberg weighs in on the RIBA/IAUA/UIA controversy: "Trying to be apolitical, Israeli architects wall themselves into boycott" and "opened a door to turmoil."

•   It's now official: Pali no longer on Piano's Academy of Motion Picture Arts Museum: "There is nothing unexpected or untoward about the transition," says the academy.

•   Bozikovic offers brighter museum news: the winning team to design Canada's National Holocaust Monument includes Libeskind, and promises to be "a significant piece of architecture and urban design."

•   Hosey takes on architects, buzzwords like "resiliency," and the end of the world: "The irony is that architects are partly responsible for global warming. Could resilient design be a pretext to atone for bad karma?"

•   Rybczynski tells us "what contemporary architects have forgotten about building tall - earlier architects understood that the essence of a skyscraper was uplift. Today's skyscrapers make us feel puny rather than uplifted - the architecture of inhumanism" (a great read!).

•   Lubell reports on two reports, and warns: "If Los Angeles does not face the future and embrace change it will squander a golden opportunity; it will be just another good city that could have been a great one."

•   Meanwhile Sydney's Urban Taskforce (consisting of developers and financiers) calls for more - and taller - skyscrapers, but not all agree: "Getting good design outcomes is much more important than building taller skyscrapers."

•   Meanwhile, Sydney issues its first-ever cultural policy, "calling on businesses, retailers and property developers to make more than 1.6 million square meters of empty commercial and residential space available to artists for creative activities" (cool!).

•   Betsky x 2: Tschumi's re-do of "Paris's beloved but crumbling 1934 zoo" is now "a full urban zoo" that should make people - and the animals - happy.

•   He ruminates on the "retail corpses" of dead malls that "elicit a sexiness oddly found in the ruins."

•   Saffron welcomes a new plan for Philly's Fairmount Park, but its "lack of ambition is frustrating."

•   Design aficionados have high hopes Canada's Mad Men era Gander International Airport can be saved; the "airport authority agreed that it's a gem of a space, but it's running a business - not a museum."

•   Darley visits Hadid's BMW plant near Leipzig, and finds it "a lesson for its timid British counterparts."

•   A new crowdfunding site hopes "to draw funds from a worldwide audience without compromising on design freedom."

•   TCLF is offering a series of garden tours across the country with actual landscape architects explaining how they achieved their goals.

•   One we couldn't resist: Bats "have finally imparted their revenge" on Ozzy Osbourne by taking a bite out of his building plans.

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