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Today’s News - Monday, October 21, 2013

•   ArcSpace brings us Meier's Teachers Village in Newark, NJ; Ito' "friendly and socially responsible buildings"; and Ripoll Tizón Estudio de Arquitectura's social housing in Mallorca.

•   Grahame Shane pays eloquent tribute to Marshall Berman and his "three voices" that will be missed, "but especially his third voice, more public and formal...witnessing truth before power without fear, deeply courageous and independent."

•   Capps reports that in the contentious Continuing Resolution, our (oh-so-contentious) Congress included a clause that requires all funds needed for the Eisenhower Memorial must be raised before construction can begin, which "could potentially set its fate."

•   Kotkin uses stats to dispel the urban myth that empty-nester suburbanites are flocking back to urban centers, so the 'burbs better get ready to "ramp up services to accommodate them" (shuttle buses and hospitals come to mind).

•   A fascinating (and depressing) report on what Spain's economic crash has cost the country's architectural community: "decline in the allure of the architecture profession is dramatic."

•   Ulam visits Lviv and "peels back" the Ukrainian city's - and his own family's - architectural roots with an architectural historian who tells him: "Here we have architecture," but "only a skeleton of this creature remains."

•   Perth architects weigh in on the city's good, bad, and ugly, and an emerging Australian architectural identity.

•   Baan's TEDTalk is an absolutely amazing photographic tour that celebrates "humanity's ability to survive and make a home - anywhere" (absolutely awesome and a must-see!).

•   Kimmelman gives two thumbs-ups (he'd give three if he could!) to Williams & Tsien's Lakeside project in Prospect Park: it restores Brooklyn's "pastoral heart" with a "seamless integration of architecture and landscape" that "recovers the tranquility and natural wonder that are the first glory of this urban masterpiece."

•   The third installment of the Lincoln (as in automaker) Reimagine Project teams up with Arch Digest and Architecture for Humanity for a pocket park in San Francisco.

•   Goodyear's great report on how cities everywhere are "daylighting" their long-covered rivers, "helping to cope with flood risk in a cost-efficient, environmentally safe way" - and making them nice places for citizens, too (great links).

•   Speaking of which, Brasuell says it's a "watershed moment" for the L.A. River with a new report by the Army Corps of Engineers ("the same power that originally encased the river in concrete") that recommends habitat restoration (what a concept!)..

•   Gunther calls for the preservation of the New Jersey Palisades' majestic vista: no one "should be allowed to destroy it, especially when there is land and ingenuity available to otherwise accommodate the required commerce and hopeful growth," lest it become "nothing more than a platform for towers as far as the eye can see."

•   Bevan catches up with Assemblage's Besley re: winning the competition to design Iraq's parliament and "optimistic design for a dangerous time" ("some background wheeling and dealing means that Hadid may still be in the race").

•   Hilgeford rather likes Rotterdam's new Central Rail Hub that "looks a bit like a discarded fast food tray - the slightly mish-mash design rather suits the city it serves."

•   Spurr offers a most lively (and amusing) report from WAF 2013, "from the good, and not so good, to the glorious" + Eyefuls of the WAF's top projects, awarded "for their architectural brilliance."

•   Winners all: 2013 World Habitat Awards winners from Palestine and the U.S. (and "8 outstanding finalists") + Eyefuls of the winners in the ACSA Steel Design Student Competition.

•   Call for entries: DOCOMOMO US's 1st Annual Modernism in America Awards for the documentation, preservation and re-use of modern buildings, structures, and landscapes.


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