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Today’s News - Tuesday, August 13, 2013

•   A shortlist of 10 (most impressive!) design teams in the Rebuild By Design Competition to develop innovative projects to protect Hurricane Sandy-affected communities.

•   Ennead tapped by Peabody Essex Museum to replace Rick Mather's firm to design PEM's 175,000-square-foot expansion.

•   Hawthorne spends some serious time with Zumthor on the architect's home turf: "seeing his buildings up close exposes a central paradox of his project for LACMA": the qualities that make his work so attractive "are precisely the characteristics in danger of being lost as the architect makes the transition to Wilshire Boulevard."

•   A Beijing-born and based architect "has mixed emotions" re: Hadid's Galaxy Soho: she doesn't have a problem with it as architecture, but worries that "lookalikes with clumsier parodies of twists, turns and fancy parametric forms will be spreading like a rash in the city."

•   Kamin has high hopes for Chicago's Navy Pier make-over: "we're finally about to see if the pier can match the High Line's exemplary mix of mass and class."

•   Meanwhile, Chicago's other High Line wannabe - formerly known as Bloomingdale Trail - gets a new name: The 606 (get used to it; we'll try...).

•   Another take on "rethinking Philadelphia's Boulevard of Broken Dreams" (a.k.a. Benjamin Franklin Parkway), beginning with an "insanely ambitious" 1999 plan that was "an idea that flopped" to "More Park, Less Way."

•   A structural engineer says plans to rebuild Paxton's Crystal Palace "are misguided - my heart sinks to learn that its re-construction has moved a step closer."

•   Chandigarh's first chief Indian architect speaks out on his 90th birthday to criticize new development proposals that "could damage Le Corbusier's City Beautiful" (and "only line the pockets of property moguls").

•   Goodyear eloquently parses the "emotional impact of new skyscrapers": we may call them "grandiose, or hubristic. But you probably can't keep yourself from looking up."

•   Q&A with Art Gensler re: Shanghai Tower, Asia's tallest building: "There is never going to be a building like this in the U.S."

•   Hopefully, there will never be a skyscraper like one rising in Spain that, in a "monster goof," forgot to include elevator shafts to the top (47 stories - yikes!).

•   Capps gives a rundown on possible new HQ for the Washington Post: "Were it to move to any of these proposed buildings, the newspaper would be taking up root in a transitional neighborhood."

•   Perhaps everyone highlighted in today's news should read CUF's "Innovation and the City, Part II" report that profiles "some of the boldest and most inventive urban policy reforms of the last decade."

•   One we couldn't resist: the "Top 10 Coolest Car Parks in the World" shortlist that "represents some of the most ingenious and carefully considered architecture out there."

•   Call for entries: 6th Annual London International Creative Competition + John Jacob Astor Competition for best new developments, redevelopments, or mixed-use buildings.


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