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Today’s News - Friday, April 26, 2013

EDITOR'S NOTE: Our heartiest, warmest wishes to I.M. Pei, who is celebrating his 96th(!) birthday today!

•   Hume hopes developers "heed the lesson" of Toronto's Union Station: "we are too quick to demolish, rather than respect and adapt our architectural heritage. Given the growing number of neighborhoods and communities for which heritage has been an economic boon, this is ironic."

•   Volner cheers ARO's renovation of Donald Judd's NYC studio: "The new home of the Judd Foundation gives SoHo back to the art world."

•   Badger brings us eyefuls of "stunning laser scans that could help us reuse aging buildings better" (they are stunning).

•   Lamster x 2 re: the Bush library: "Everywhere competent, it nowhere rises to a level of inspiration - seems stuck in a past of its own invention" + Q&A with Stern: Do you have any favorites? "This one." (hopefully neither behind a paywall).

•   Rinaldi cheers the design for the Denver Art Museum's new administrative building: "The good news is that there is plenty to like. DAM went local."

•   Rosenbaum tries to find out what's up with the Peabody Essex Museum's expansion plans now Rick Mather has passed: "we will be sure to let you know our plans after we've had a chance to commemorate his death."

•   Harvard GSD names Ábalos Chair of the Department of Architecture.

•   Hadid takes home the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year award.

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Hawthorne hails the Getty's "Overdrive": it is "daunting but solid. The heroes of this modernism are not architectural pioneers as much as savvy and prolific power-brokers."

•   "Rising Dragon: Contemporary Chinese Photography" at the San Jose Museum of Art is "a valuable reminder of the breakneck pace of recent change in China, the country's gains, and what its people might have lost along the way" (great pix).

•   "Low Rise High Density" at NYC's Center for Architecture "examines the history of a typology that sprung up 40 years ago," and "brings into context a housing model that lacks significant contemporary scholarship."

•   "Ernst May - Architecture and Urban Planning in Kampala" at the Uganda Museum is "a reflective look at the city" that "laments untold destruction" and "presents a disturbing absence of continuity for an important heritage."

•   Jim Olson "gets the full career-retrospective treatment" at Bellingham's Whatcom Museum - a building he designed.

•   Shekhtman is a believer in "whatever beautiful religion" McDonough and Braungart's "profoundly optimistic and hopeful" preaching in "The Upcycle" + A great excerpt: "When we realize the price we pay for careless design, it's clear that society might shift its thinking to consider good design [is] a fundamental human right for everyone."

•   Williams finds much to like in Chan's "Writing in(to) Architecture: China's Architectural Design and Construction Since 1949," "a critique of the way that architecture has been described by commentators, specialists or politicians - since 1949...If only more Western architects and journalists were listening."

•   Moore gives thumbs-up to Gossel's "The Architect's Home" that "challenges the criticisms of Prince Charles and other anti-moderns," and shows "how absolutely great modern architecture can be."

•   One we couldn't resist: the story behind Boston Magazine's beautiful cover (it has nothing to do with architecture, but so what - it's great).


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