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Today’s News - Monday, March 25, 2013

EDITOR'S NOTE: We are pleased to be the media sponsor of the 3C: Comprehensive Coastal Communities Competition, a global ideas competition being launched today by Operation Resilient Long Island (ORLI), a student-led grassroots committee of architecture, interior design, and construction management students from NYIT. Click the 3C Competition button below for details - and sign up!

•   Heathcote takes on "the bold, the bland and the bulging" London skyline of "more anonymous" (and often huge) background buildings by non-starchitects "which arguably have an even greater impact on the city's landscape."

•   Merrick is of mixed mind about London's "newest startling building" that sets "an interesting, but rather tricky, precedent - a worrying possibility emerges. What if it catches on?"

•   Diez disses Berlin: it may be "one of world's coolest artistic meccas," but with the current mayor, it "has devolved into a backward-looking architectural wasteland" of "countless façades of overwhelming cowardice" (with few exceptions - ouch!).

•   Hawthorne travels Wilshire Boulevard: L.A.'s 16-mile-long boulevard of prototypes, a string of hypotheses - our boulevard of cold feet and second thoughts."

•   Litt has high hopes for Cleveland's University Circle: "If it all works as well as it should, it could be one of the most fascinating urban laboratories in the world."

•   A new report makes an environmental argument against preserving midcentury skyscrapers in Midtown Manhattan: preserve the masterpieces, "but not scores of unremarkable copycats."

•   Is this a time for clients to be brave? Yes, says Reading; No, says BAM Design's Pryke: "We don't want clients to be brave; we want them to take professional advice and think through their decisions."

•   Betsky bemoans "the death of civic culture" in the divisive debate over the Eisenhower Memorial: "I do not think anybody is looking at the actual design. They are pursuing culture and petty political wars through architecture."

•   Menking, on a brighter note, reports on Madrid's IE School of Architecture students having a hand in building a temporary paper tube pavilion by Shigeru Ban.

•   Moore cheers the English country house getting its "mojo back - it's refreshing to see a brand new country house that tries to be something other than a phony throwback" (from the slide show, it's anything but!).

•   Hosey and Bejan discuss the science behind good design, and whether beautiful design is the same as good design.

•   Two fascinating looks at lessons to be learned from Google's perks: "there's some evidence that great physical space enhances creativity" + It's not just a happy accident.

•   Baillieu calls for a clamp-down on firms that will work for nothing: a "zero-fee culture is corrosive to the profession."

•   Gerber issues a most amusing - but a most serious - "Top 11 reasons you should ignore Top 10 (or Top 100) lists: What we need is imagination and innovation, not ranking systems."

•   The Australian Institute of Architects honors an impressive group with 2013 Australian Achievement in Architecture Awards.

•   Call for entries: 3C: Comprehensive Coastal Communities Competition (international).


3C Comprehensive Coastal Communities Competition

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