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Today’s News - Friday, February 22, 2013

•   Florida calls on Obama to create a new Department of Cities: "cities have become laboratories for pragmatic bipartisan policy innovation, pioneering new approaches. Just imagine what a Mike Bloomberg could accomplish as America's first Secretary of Cities" (comments make for an interesting read, too).

•   Fairs explains how "tech has killed green - green's message did not adapt and it ran out of steam."

•   Voted England's ugliest building, Bournemouth's Imax cinema (opened in 2002) is coming down - it "was ugly as sin."

•   It looks like Glasgow's red George Square will stay red until after the 2014 Commonwealth Games (McAslan still insists "a radical revamp" is still possible).

•   Bey cheers a new college dorm as an "architectural gem" bringing some sparkle to a Chicago neighborhood.

•   MIT and AIA launch a new joint research collaboration focused on how design can improve the health of urban communities.

•   Alsop's at it again: in a "humorous debate," he "laid into the majority of Britain's 32,000 architects, saying they weren't worthy of the title" (and barbs for big names to boot).

•   Eyefuls of Gowanus by Design Water_Works competition winners.

•   Weekend diversions (and lots of 'em):

•   Pearman cheers "Venice Takeaway: Ideas to Change British Architecture" at RIBA: "without all the noise of competing attractions" at the Biennale, the show "has the chance to blossom."

•   The fascinating story of "the man who tried to change the soul of Paris: He thought he was creating a utopia, but most of the city disagreed."

•   Perreault parses MCNY's "Making Room": "Here's the secret to our brave new future: We have to become Japanese."

•   3rd Design Biennial Boston puts the spotlight on "the most significant design leaders among Greater Boston's early-career, independent professional talent."

•   Young Melbourne architecture firms inhabit "Ghost Town," a pop-up exhibition in a Melbourne subway station (great slide show).

•   12 major Australian firms star in "Icons by Icons" on view in Sydney.

•   Lebbeus Woods @ SFMOMA x 2: Wallace calls him "the architect who dared to ask 'What If?'" + Q&A with co-curator re: putting together a show before and after the architect's death.

•   Helsinki shows off 11 entries in the city's international bridge design competition.

•   LaBarre laps up Myers' "Bio Design": it's "a lush tome that works as both high-minded eye candy and environmental battle cry...a vibrant petri dish of our bio-connected future."

•   "Learn for Life: New Architecture for New Learning" compiles "rivetingly-good innovative and experimental projects that embrace new modes of learning, with some surprising typologies given fresh consideration."


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