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Today’s News - Thursday, July 26, 2012

•   Games, games - and then some: Woodman wonders if London construction will "fizzle out like the Olympic flame" - and actually comes to some optimistic conclusions.

•   Buchanan boils down the "very different design strategies" between Hadid's Aquatics Centre and Hopkins' Velodrome that "raise questions pertinent to these confusing times about relevant approaches to design and architectural quality."

•   Maynard looks back at Montreal's 1976 Olympics "boondoggle" and ponders whether its legacy can "finally right itself."

•   Schindler and Spertus offer an in-depth look at two very different (and very large) Bronx housing projects and "consider how their histories can inform future innovation in affordable housing" (a fascinating read).

•   de Monchaux pays tribute to Kallman and others: "for a brief, brilliant moment, the reigning style, particularly for civic buildings, was something called Brutalism...What did they know, and aspire to, that we don't?"

•   Kamin x 2: he reports on a starchitect-studded letter to Chicago's mayor calling for Goldberg's Prentice Women's Hospital to be saved: "A building this significant - this unique in the world - should be preserved and reused."

•   He cheers Target's takeover of Sullivan' Carsons Pirie Scott store: it "strikes the right balance between preserving the aesthetic integrity of one of the nation's great works of architecture and projecting the visual brand of one of the nation's biggest retailers."

•   Brussat's heart is filled with joy at the prospect of Collegiate Gothic design returning to Providence College: it "represents a sort of homecoming."

•   Hume revisits KPMB's Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art in Toronto: it is "one of those rare projects that remind us that buildings can be small and sophisticated but still loom large."

•   Hawthorne has high praise for Downtown L.A.'s newest park that "makes exuberant use of a tough spot" (and oh those yummy magenta benches!).

•   Berger gives thumbs-up to Steinbrueck's bold idea for redeveloping Seattle's central waterfront: it "looks a bit like the Sydney Opera house or a flapping manta ray" (that might even "glow in the dark like a bioluminescent sea creature").

•   Meanwhile, a Paris-based team snags first prize in the Seattle Urban Intervention competition.

•   Dvir reports on SANAA's plans for a new Bezalel Academy of Art and Design building in Jerusalem.

•   The Delfina Foundation picks a winning duo of London- and Cairo-based firms to expand its London digs.

•   Three finalists named in the pavilion competition for historic St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, DC.

•   Two we couldn't resist: an Israeli writer commissions a 4-foot house to be built between the crack of two buildings in Poland (perhaps NYC should consider for its adAPT NYC competition?) + 8 Truly Embarrassing City Souvenirs (who wouldn't want The Eiffel Cower?!!?).


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