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Today’s News - Tuesday, June 5, 2012

•   Big makeover plans for an alley in Miami's Design District that "would carve out a mini-Lincoln Road mall" (as in a luxe "pedestrian promenade").

•   Richard Florida hails Miami's "bold Design District experiment" with lessons to be learned for other cities: "Another tipping point back toward urban downtowns may well be in the offing" (they don't have to be as high-end as Miami to be successful).

•   Kimmelman waxes poetic about architecture(!): a shopping arcade canopy in Lower Manhattan "elevates what is really just a gap between two buildings into something almost as inspired as the nave of a great Gothic cathedral" (along with high praise for some other designs as well).

•   Berger calls Port of Seattle leaders on their crocodile tears re: their concerns about the city's waterfront "war between soul and greed": they've "been a huge force for the gentrification they're decrying... let's consider the record of those pointing the finger of blame."

•   A fascinating profile of Albert Speer, Jr.'s "desert dreams" for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar: he "knows all about reinventing oneself" (great slide show, too).

•   The "exuberant formal massings" of Speer's "self-cooling" stadiums are "meant to convey imagery of the local culture, but they end up coming off as trivial, even banal."

•   In Austin, TX, the "dream of Bilbao lives on" with Romero's iconic design for Mexic-Arte museum combined with commercial space, but "what's the worth of bombastic architecture, when cultural institutions are struggling to keep what's inside afloat?"

•   A building boom in the Midwest is all about senior housing.

•   A look at how Lucien Lagrange "bounced back from 'basket case'" to being busier than ever, even though he "remains at odds with Chicago's modernist architectural establishment" (a.k.a. Kamin): "the fact that people want to live in my buildings doesn't seem to matter."

•   Sam Fox School announces winner of the $50,000 2012 Steedman Fellowship (lucky Norwegian!).

•   One we couldn't resist: "breathtaking" archival documentary of the building of the Golden Gate Bridge.

•   Call for presentations: 2013 Environments for Aging Conference in New Orleans.

•   Call for entries: Hoop Cup 2012 International Student Competition: Architecture in Transformation (the first comp we've come across hailing from China, with UIA blessing).


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