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Today’s News - Monday, November 7, 2011

•   ArcSpace offers eyefuls of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art's new addition (at least now we know what Zandberg, on Friday, called "the waterfall of light" looks like).

•   Pilling on the proliferation of megacities, with examples that "show that megacities don't have to be monstrosities. For many of us, the megacity is our fate. The goal of humanity should be to manage that fate, not succumb to it."

•   A report from Yale's "Catastrophe and Consequence" symposium re: remedies for unsafe building practices in developing countries; an international NGO could be one solution - or not.

•   The results of a national survey about what Americans think about sustainable communities: they're "fuzzed up" about the terminology, and "that's very frightening given how much these terms are discussed in planning circles."

•   Mehaffy and Tachieva discuss new "sprawl retrofit" and strategies and toolkits with "elegant new ideas" to transform "wasteful suburban sites into vibrant, successful centers."

•   The next time someone wants to put the kibosh on a bike trail, cite Cincinnati, where "home buyers were willing to pay a premium of $9,000 to be within 1,000 feet of access to the trail."

•   Lindsay looks into "seasteader" plans to move to solid ground in "desperate countries willing to allow the founding of autonomous libertarian cities" ("Appletopia, anyone?).

•   Heathcote on the importance of vistas to and from public places as "key to our understanding of a city": the question is will a view of the Shard or 1WTC "become as desirable as a view of St Paul's or the Empire State...frankly, I'm yet to be convinced."

•   More details (and lots of pix!) of NYC's Hudson Yards plans: "Finally you're going to get a building as nice as your pocketbooks" (if you like Coach, that is).

•   de Monchaux munches on OMA's Milstein Hall at Cornell: "Willful gestures of seemingly laconic practicality...provide the necessary delirium...This conspiracy of constraint and conceit seems just right for an architecture school" (lots of pix, too).

•   Mays cheers a young Montreal firm that has "brought striking, fresh reinterpretations of classical European modernism to their hometown's urbane, machine-age dwelling aesthetic" (with pix to prove it).

•   A Belgian artist offers Ai Weiwei the opportunity to rebuild his demolished Shanghai studio in Ghent (and could risk trouble).

•   Glancey's review of the week includes Make's octopus to the rescue of an eyesore, Barangaroo, and a big thumbs-up for ANZA, East Africa's first architecture journal.

•   Cullinan's Q&A with four Irish women architects heading architectural organizations on both sides of the Big Pond includes some insightful (and amusing) answers.

•   Eyefuls of both WAF 2011 World's Best Building winner, a Barcelona office block by Cloud 9; and Future Project of the Year - Integrated Design Associates' airport in the Maldives.

•   Welton on why you should be in NYC at the end of the week: the Reconsidering Postmodernism conference has "a roster jam-packed with...a Who's Who of architectural rock stars" in "an effort to return some sheen to the movement."

•   London 2012 unveils 12 Olympic and Paralympic posters by British art stars (too bad you have to read the artists' descriptions to figure out which events they've illustrated).

•   At least the "Water is Life" poster competition winners and entries cheered us up with some truly inspiring work by students and young artists.

•   Call for entries: emerging architects and designers: design (and build) a Folly for Socrates Sculpture Park in NYC.


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