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Today’s News - Friday, September 16, 2011

•   King and Hawthorne weigh in on DS+R's plans for the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive: it proves that in "economically skittish times, a cultural institution can scale back its dreams without settling for mediocrity" + the plans are "canny, sleekly attractive and conceptually overstuffed all at once" - will DS+R finally prove they can "turn smart conceptual ideas into really affecting built space"?

•   Boddy says the best design won the Royal Alberta Museum competition (that doesn't mean it's a winning design).

•   Gibson finds the 9/11 Memorial "never coalesces into a convincing, engaging whole," but that's not all Arad's fault: "Good luck coming up with an original idea now that the bureaucratic meat grinder has pulverized any opportunity for individualistic expression."

•   Iovine x 2: she considers the WTC site's "tumultuous decade": perhaps what's been "built so far is compromised" and the "designs may not be spectacular visions of 21st century architecture, but they are strong enough to carry the weight all the city, not to mention tourists...will bring to bear on it over time." (+ an amazing timeline).

•   She takes a spin with Nouvel on Jane's Carousel: "The man in black...seems just the right man to insinuate something as delicate as a life-size interactive music box into a setting as tough as the Brooklyn waterfront."

•   A London-based firm "aspires to develop a new architectural language based on what indigenous, British Islamic architecture should be."

•   MIT's first "1K House" prototype is built in China - it came in at a bit more than $1,000, but still...

•   A Supreme Court Justice (and serious architecture buff) and Hadid join the Pritzker jury (oh to be a fly on the wall!).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Plan to spend some time with Fast Co.'s "The United States of Design" issue!

•   Rose offers his picks from the London Design Festival: "there's more to the capital's design event than chairs."

•   72 Hour Urban Action kicks off its 2012 Long Island City Architecture Festival with a planning session starting at MoMA P.S.1 tomorrow.

•   Jacobs gives (mostly) thumbs-up to MoMA's "Talk to Me": "while wonderfully timely...I don't think the speculative work on display is so far ahead of the curve" - but it's definitely worth seeing.

•   Kamin goes "beyond the corncobs" at the Bertrand Goldberg exhibition in Chicago: "like its subject," the show "is daringly unconventional" (great pix).

•   Welton wanders the Tigerman exhibition at Yale: "Diplomacy, obviously, is not his forte" - but that's a good thing.

•   Simpson allows herself to be to be educated in (if a little confused by) Tigerman's "odd, fantastical, kind of creepy genius."

•   Q&A with Gehry re: his Hong Kong exhibition and his first mark on the city's skyline: "Architecture is a tool that city agencies can use effectively for many urban woes."

•   Hadid's product designs strut their stuff in Philadelphia.

•   Brussat advises, "Bring your tin-foil hat" to "Building Expectation: Past and Present Visions of the Architectural Future," a "vast and compelling exhibit" in Providence.

•   Leigh cheers Semes taking on the bias against tradition in "The Future of the Past."


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