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Today’s News - Thursday, March 10, 2011

•   Angus Stewart begs to differ with Simon Jenkins re: restoring the Christchurch cathedral bell tower: "the thought of restoring a mediocre building makes my hackles rise."

•   Elshahed continues his exploration of Tahrir Square's history and future as a public space: it "continues to capture the imagination of politicians, architects, and urban planners eager to come up with a master plan and complete what they recognize is an unfinished urban space."

•   Schumacher cheers an "unprecedented collaboration between University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the city" and "a wonderfully progressive and ambitious project" to imagine Milwaukee's forlorn inner harbor as an ecological showplace.

•   Long agrees with Britain's housing minister "decrying the 'Legoland' character of much new housing," but "if he wants better planning decisions, invest in better planners"; some "innovative developers" wouldn't hurt, either (there are great examples of contemporary housing that "work with the existing city but leave something new, of our times and a legacy for future generations").

•   Poletti cheers Facebook friending its new campus neighborhood: "in a municipality that's had some recent, hotly contested development debates, there was new hope that Facebook could lead to positive change."

•   Pearman may have been pessimistic about London winning the 2012 Olympics back in '05, but changes his tune when he tours the "skintight architecture" of the new velodrome: it is "the best possible introduction to the Games because this is one hell of a good building. What on earth went right?"

•   Ouroussoff cheers DS+R's Granoff Center at Brown University: it is "a handsome piece of architecture" that "adds a touch of contemporary glamour to a campus of solemn brick buildings...without the over-the-top effects that could offend its aesthetically conservative neighbors."

•   Campbell finds "a beguiling mix of effrontery and courtesy" in Kallmann McKinnell & Wood's Mandel Center at Brandeis University: it is "fascinating to see how this new building deals with the DNA of this quirky place."

•   FLW's Taliesin turns 100 this year as "the arduous work of helping it survive" continues: "Nothing leaked this spring!" (that's good news!).

•   As Pittsburgh plans to demolish its 1961 domed Civic Arena to knit a district back together, preservationists continue to argue that "the igloo" is "an architectural superstar."

•   RIBA president-elect blames "star architects and larger firms for promoting an 'endemic' culture of working for free...'There is this view that says 'they don't need the money'."

•   2011 CNU Charter Awards winners highlight the "connection between regional passenger rail development, environmentally-sensitive land-use planning, rebuilding public spaces, and economic solvency" (great presentations).

•   "Meanwhile London" competition taps a consortium called Industri[us] to help rebrand the capital's Docklands before the Olympics.

•   Call for entries: Connections: The Gowanus Lowline international ideas competition + Core77 Design Awards (15 categories - our fave: Never Saw the Light of Day).

•   Unsolicited competitions challenge Eisenhower Memorial and MoMA/PS1 Young Architects Program winners.

•   We couldn't resist: LaBarre finds wind turbines we'd welcome in our own backyard!


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