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Today’s News - Tuesday, January 4, 2011

•   LEED continues to be under fire "as new gauges better measure energy use and costs, something a growing number of engineers, architects and landlords insist must be done."

•   Kamin on Chicago's conundrum in a post-Daley world: "there is no denying the deep anxiety the mayor's departure has spawned among the city's architects and builders" who are now "scrambling to find new paths to get things done."

•   Meanwhile, the city has high hopes for big ($4 billion!) plans to redevelop former U.S. Steel lakefront site.

•   In India, a call for "self-appointed pundits of urban design" to get beyond mall mania that is creating, "in the name of 'urban growth' urban forests of meaningless and abundant" real estate.

•   India's outsourcing giants "hope that architectural sizzle can help them compete for the nation's top software programmers...even if some architects and critics complain about the wisdom and taste of the efforts" (with slide show - you decide).

•   Delhi has Tate Modern dreams for an old power station (too bad the stinking river might hinder such grand plans).

•   David Sim of Gehl Architects tells Edinburgh what might help two major streets that right now are not much more than "a big bus station" and "a big car park."

•   "Redfields to Greenfields" initiative hopes to turn failed commercial properties into parks (sounds good, but a few things bug us: it means a lot of demolition, and land could be handed back over to developers - wouldn't that make the neighbors happy - not).

•   Saffron is not at all sanguine about the reconstruction of Philly's Independence Mall: while "on par in its ambition and cost with Chicago's Millennium Park, it's a good bet that few Philadelphians feel the same affection that Chicagoans do...Tourist issues trumped important urban-design concerns."

•   King on "two timeworn trophies" in San Francisco that need help: "legal protections and landmark status don't stop aged landmarks from growing older each day."

•   Dobrzynski on Safdie's ArtScience Museum at Singapore's Marina Bay Sands: "whether or not this is good for art, it's going to be a spectacle."

•   Baltimore's Development Design Group snags commission to design China's largest mall (the largest as of today, anyway).

•   Welton bemoans "political squabbles" halting a new public safety center in Raleigh, NC, that "have also derailed any public discussion on the merits of its very fine architecture...we're quite capable of building both securely and beautifully."

•   Rochon looks back at 2010 and cheers a year when women in architecture, design, and planning (traffic commish included!) "delivered stellar knockout moves" with "inspiring acts of irreverence."

•   A profile of Griffin, one of only 262 black women architects in the U.S. who is "keenly aware of the gender and racial void in her field."

•   Glancey looks ahead to the new year's architectural highlights (seems like pretty slim pickin's to us).

•   Haiti Housing Collaborative finalists to be feted at NYC's Center for Architecture next week.

•   Call for entries: Architectural League Prize for Young Architects + Designers: "It's Different."


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