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Today’s News - Wednesday, June 2, 2010

•   In Moscow, the new Strelka Institute of Architecture is "a philanthropic venture that aims to teach a new generation of architects - for free and in English - how to solve Russia's urban nightmare" (Koolhaas and a former chocolate factory included).

•   A conversation with the founder of the Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Centre; some battles he wins, some he loses, but "He remains optimistic."

•   The new "Climate Change Adaptation in New York City" report "is fairly optimistic," but requires cooperation among different factions - including designers: "if New York can do it, any city can."

•   Meanwhile, Roland Lewis is fairly optimistic about NYC's "Blue Movement" and the city's WAVES program in connecting people to the waterfront.

•   Biomimicry gaining traction in both manufacturing and design.

•   Leigh bemoans what George Lucas and his architects have wrought for USC's School of Cinematic Arts: praise for a "passion for historic architecture" (circa 1929) - but the "complex might look less like unintentional pastiche" had the focus been "on quality rather than quantity when it came to detail" (alas, no pix).

•   Betsky x 2: he's filled with sadness about Whitney's plan to relocate to the High Line nabe, but a bit more cheerful about Gehry's "mouse that roared" in Las Vegas.

•   13 million tenners aren't quite the 800 million the Sydney Opera House requested, but it's enough to keep the ageing stage machinery from offing performers in mid-note.

•   Oxford University gets the go-ahead for major new academic buildings (with some major names attached).

•   UCLA's newest building will get the Meier touch.

•   Governors Island will be awash in visual and performing artists sharing studio space.

•   King cheers the "ever-inventive" Rebar Group's latest effort: a "parklet" in place of parking spots (the program could spread, depending on how it's used or abused).

•   Q&A with new A+D Architecture and Design Museum > Los Angeles president/co-founder and museum director: "Now we know where we're going to be for the next five years."

•   Scottish Design Awards include a most intriguing compost shed.

•   Six make the shortlist for V&A at Dundee on the city's waterfront (only one is from Scotland).

•   Safe Trestles competition down to five finalists: "Some adopt a light touch...while others more aggressively introduce capital-A architecture into the site."

•   We couldn't resist: a German sewage plant plays Mozart to its "biomass-eating microbes, hoping the sweet sounds will make them work harder" and could/should save €$$€, too (we want that stereo system!).


Faith & Form/IFRAA International Awards Program for Religious Art & Architecture

Institute For Urban Design - Rebuilding a Sustainable Haiti: Symposium

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