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Today’s News - Friday, April 30, 2010

•   Arndt finds out what some starchitects are up to (or not) during this "global real estate implosion."

•   Merrick cheers a new campaign to build 23 Maggie's Centers, "small, architecturally exquisite sanctuaries of care," and highlights inspiring examples from the past.

•   Shanghai World Expo opens tomorrow: Minter on why the "$46 billion hat-tip to the past makes perfect sense" (great World's Fair/Expo history) + NYT special World Expo report + design enthusiasts "waxing poetic" (all have great pix and links).

•   Tischler tools around Stanford and finds "every nook, cranny, and fungible wall system has been smartly designed to maximize collaboration."

•   The eastern German spa town of Bad Frankenhausen has its own Leaning Tower (what's causing it is more than a bit worrisome - so says slide show).

•   A good reason to head to Dallas next week if "landscape design tickles your pickle."

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Kennicott is touched by "The Art of Gaman" in D.C. that showcases arts and crafts by Japanese in internment camps; it gives "texture to the improvised social life and bleak architecture of far-away, often dusty places."

•   In Berlin, "Housing in Vienna" offers a comprehensive overview of residential development from its beginnings up to the present.

•   Daniell is intrigued by Takehara exhibition in Tokyo that finally gives face to "a paradoxical figure in the Japanese architecture world: universally admired...yet largely ignored by the critical discourse."

•   In Manhattan, Iovine digs a show about "richest dirt on Earth" at the Skyscraper Museum; and Freudenheim finds that "Modern Art, Sacred Space" at the Jewish Museum "raises more questions than it answers."

•   Rawsthorn says Grudin's "Design and Truth" points out designers who were and weren't true to themselves; his "take on design is enjoyable and eclectic, if a tad old-fashioned."

•   Weber's "The Bauhaus Group" fosters "an appreciation of the lengths these dreamers would go to for their art while prompting the wonder of where our next generation of dreamers might come from."

•   An eyeful of "London At Night" - from the air (some truly amazing shots).

•   Cotton's "Princeton Modern" highlights the post-1950s architecture on the Princeton University campus.

•   Two Wright books just right for kids (dachshund included - we kid you not).


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