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Today’s News - Wednesday, March 17, 2010

•   Q&A with Goldberger re: how politics, not buildings, are filling the void at Ground Zero.

•   A Brit Insurance Design Award juror explains the difficulty in having to compare "one of the most sensitive and powerful pieces of museum design in recent times" (Chipperfield's Neues Museum) to Elemental's "transformative design" for social housing "conjured out of almost nothing" (the "iPhone of social architecture").

•   Calys and Hawthorne chime in with more names added to SFMOMA's secretive shortlist.

•   An eyeful of two variations on Libeskind's high-end, green prefab house (he calls it a "walk-in sculpture"; we call it mucho expensive).

•   Kamin gives thumbs-up and thumbs down to Lagrange's new Chicago high-rise: a "traditional wonderland is topped with a mad hat"; it's "pretty good" on the ground, but "a major blot on the skyline."

•   Hinshaw on a Seattle competition to re-imagine urban alleys that came up with "ideas we should apply around the city" (and elsewhere, we imagine).

•   Solar Ivy: "an aesthetic approach to harvesting solar energy."

•   Anderton talks to experts re: designing a "vibe"; a city looking to art to revive its recession-hit storefronts; and good, and bad, news about LA buildings and their readiness for a Chile-scale earthquake.

•   Jacobs takes on "Avatar": "I walked out of the theater concerned about the devaluation of the word 'beauty'" (Grand Theft Auto is better in many ways, despite the blood-letting).

•   Public Architecture's 3rd annual survey of firms doing pro bono work for the public good.

•   Pilloton and Project H profiled + the remaining itinerary for her Airstream trailer-housed Design Revolution Road Show (great links).

•   Merging firms recast as Chan Krieger NBBJ.

•   Society of Architectural Historians launches a new platform for its online journal (it's pretty amazing).

•   City of Dreams Pavilion Design Competition announces finalists to design a pavilion on Governors Island.

•   A good reason to head to Barcelona next week: SmartGeometry 2010 Conference to "encourage new forms of architectural and structural expression."

•   Call for entries: Best Restoration of the 21st Century; and deadline looms for One Prize Award: Mowing to Growing.

•   Happy St. Patrick's Day! (we're seeing green things beginning to sprout - yay!)


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