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Today’s News - Monday, October 26, 2009

•   ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of Bofill's W Barcelona Hotel, and Cox Rayner/Arup's Kurilpa Bridge (thanks to Bucky's tensegrity).

•   Heathcote re: Abu Dhabi's Masdar City: "breathtakingly ambitious, engagingly sci-fi and, at first glance, a little absurd," it "may yet bear dividends for us all."

•   Transportation planning should start with placemaking; San Francisco and Savannah are among many cities trying to lead the way.

•   Litt has high hopes that Cleveland will grab a "once-in-a-generation opportunity" to improve its "bleak" downtown mall; Hargreaves or Schwartz "could work wonders" (or perhaps solutions will arise from the Cleveland Design Competition).

•   Ouroussoff on why the epic era of performing arts centers "is officially over" - and why some are thrilled.

•   Heathcoate on Dallas's newest star projects that "sit in self-satisfied isolation": while "they are far from failures in themselves," are they enough to save a city that is the "epicenter of the generic" from itself.

•   Rosenbaum on the new Miami Art Museum: is it H&deM channeling Piano?

•   Hume hails the Royal Conservatory's Koerner Hall, "one of the best things to happen to Toronto architecture in some time."

•   Hawthorne x 2: while LAPD HQ "is not magical," it is "a surprisingly successful piece of urban design" at the pedestrian level that "salvages it as a piece of civic architecture."

•   He gives two thumbs-up's to Frederick Fisher's "radical vision" at "the far edge of an architectural divide that has cleaved his generation."

•   Heathcote on Chipperfield's disappointment with Britain, where planning "is called 'development control,' as if building was some kind of mad animal or disease which you have to contain."

•   Glancey cheers Gang's Aqua Tower, a landmark that's broken Chicago out of its "straitjacket of right angles and smooth surfaces; her architecture promises to soar in the coming years."

•   Long cheers Fretton's British Embassy in Warsaw, "what must be the most shimmeringly immaterial bomb-proof building yet built."

•   U.S. wants rebate for Baghdad embassy work to make up for shoddy work, construction deficiencies, etc.; and worries it won't be able to sell London embassy for full ticket because of new landmark status.

•   Meanwhile, U.K. Culture Secretary takes on Prince Charles meddling in modern architecture: "I would be worried if great schemes were being jeopardized or scuppered because of the opposition of any one individual."

•   SOM wins big in Beijing.

•   Winners all: a Philadelphian takes first Clem Labine Award for his pioneering work in Classicism; U.K.'s Roses Design Awards results are in; and Australian is the first non-Dane to receive the Dreyer Foundation Award "for his devotion to sustainability in building design."


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