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Today’s News - Wednesday, April 15, 2009

•   The Smithsonian makes its pick for Museum of African American History and Culture (we're so sad Max Bond isn't here to celebrate).

•   Goldberger and Farrelly wax positively poetic about Zumthor's Pritzker win: a sign that "we ought to slow down and smell the buildings"; he may inspire architects, but "he's not someone they copy, in method or in form."

•   Another take offers "a few caveats one might keep in mind when considering his place in contemporary architectural practice."

•   Hume talks to Toronto architects who find the city's planning system a "messy democracy" (but maybe condo towers will get better?).

•   Hawthorne takes on two mega-projects in L.A. that "spotlight the city's all-or-nothing planning mind-set."

•   RIBA's latest Future Trends Survey: not very good news (but not all bad, either).

•   Crosbie's case for a long overdue re-assessment of James Marston Fitch's influence on preservation and sustainability.

•   Where's Fitch when you need him: Portland architects rally against demolition of SOM's 1960 Memorial Coliseum (to make room for a baseball stadium - what else?).

•   Boston's Zakim Bridge architect pays to keep the lights on for another three months (three cheers!).

•   A more in-depth (and rather amusing) report on the Barbican debate (minus Hadid): "There was plenty of meat...aside from this outbreak of pugilism."

•   Koolhaas "flames out" at Harvard GSD's "Ecological Urbanism" conference (but there were others who had plenty to spark the discussion).

•   We couldn't resist: 3 houses from the divine to (you fill in the blank): Rose raves about revamp of a modernist classic 007 would love to live in. - A house in a fire-prone California canyon is designed to harvest the sun and the wind. - A $24 million home MoMA's Lowry calls "one of the most important private houses built in North America in a long time" (for $24mil, one would hope so!).


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