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Today’s News - Friday, March 6, 2009

•   A look at which developments businesses should monitor over the next several months on the road to the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December.

•   What to do about climate change if we only have seven years to do it.

•   Can modern architecture be truly sustainable? Yes, says Hopkins' Taylor; no, says Victorian Society's Dungavell.

•   Melbourne ripe for a makeover: it's "slipping down the scale as one of the world's best designed cities," says Cox.

•   Cannell offers his (somewhat amusing) take on Adam Kalkin, "one of architecture's more unorthodox practitioners" (+ an eyeful of his shipping container homes).

•   Chipperfield "makes war-damaged Berlin's cultural heart whole again."

•   A thoughtful tribute to Kaplicky by Levete.

•   Weekend diversions (and lots of 'em!): Corbu still has them talking: Willey discovers "he was also a superb interior designer and artist"; and a "voyeuristic wander through the big man's little holiday home."

•   Rybczynski on a Louis Kahn show in Philadelphia: "a reminder that the famous architect still has much to teach us" (great pix).

•   Hume on a Toronto show that explores urban vertical farming: "proof positive that in a place like Toronto, anything grows."

•   Dutch design is wowing them in Jakarta.

•   Romero and LAR in Pittsburgh; Preissner in Chicago.

•   Chair design is anything but a bum's rush in Melbourne.

•   "Silence" is not so hushed at the Canary Islands' second architecture and art biennial.

•   Cinematic takes: a Koolhaas documentary: when he compares architecture to script writing, "it may not be precisely clear what he means, it's food for thought."

•   Rose on FLW's place in film history: "Hollywood's architect of dystopia...when film-makers want to portray a sterile, authoritarian future, who better to turn to?"

•   Museum of Finnish Architecture offers up a film maker's view of Austrian architecture.

•   Architecture gets its close-up with winners of inaugural "Story About a Place" competition (lots of 6-minute flicks to watch, too).

•   Page turners: Till's "Architecture Depends" is "far too concerned with what architects write rather than with what they do."

•   YEM is a treasure trove of design, art, and architecture in one bookstore in the heart of Istanbul.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Don't forget that clocks spring ahead one hour this weekend in the U.S. (let's hope spring will follow shortly!).


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