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Today’s News - Tuesday, November 4, 2008

•   Weinstein's Words That Build Tip # 8: Initiate conversations about design that engage your clients.

•   Lyndon offers a thoughtful and informative review of the new U.S. Embassy in Berlin.

•   An amusing interview with Chipperfield: "wow" architecture on the wane (and will consider himself eligible for a Pritzker once his Neues Museum opens).

•   Kamin on Chicago's "Lights Out" program and efforts everywhere to keep skyscrapers from being bird-killers.

•   Rose on why James Bond is "basically an enemy of architecture - the buildings in Bond films dazzle - what a shame they get blown to smithereens."

•   Viñoly's Curve Theatre is an "architectural dazzler."

•   Efforts to keep London's Design Museum in Southwark may be too late.

•   Litt talks to Fentress re: Cleveland Museum of Natural History's plans to plows ahead with expansion despite economic turmoil.

•   "Cargotecture" catching on in Hawaii.

•   Artists lead the way in neighborhood developments in L.A.'s Watts and Cairo's Antikhana.

•   London's mayor wants to convert swathes of unused space, including roofs, into vegetable gardens (2,012 of them, to be exact).

•   A Pittsburgh neighborhood reclaims a dumping ground; officials hope the self-motivated activism will become infectious.

•   Hawthorne visits L.A. County's Elections Operations Center to find color and visual charisma, a tribute to the "infrastructure of democracy."

•   The architect reshaping Taiwan's architectural landscape.

•   Call for papers: Eero Saarinen (1910-1961) At the Centennial of his Birth.

•   Transportation Alternatives announces Designing the 21st Century Street competition winners.


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