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Today’s News - Friday, October 10, 2008

•   Field Notes from the Venice Biennale - Part 1: ...a challenging, entertaining, and provocative show.

•   Mayne warns Dubai set for "ecological disaster."

•   Q&A with Thomas Friedman: he's a bit more optimistic.

•   Campbell on the U.S. embassy in Berlin: "security experts turned a potentially great building into a merely acceptable one" (and a thumbs-up to MRY "for hanging on to as much of the quality as they did").

•   An amusingly illustrated look at how U.K. firms are changing their strategies in an economic downturn: the mood is sober, but not everything is black and bleak.

•   Three takes on "experience design" that uses media and architecture to produce immersive spaces.

•   Ando offers an entertaining interview.

•   Q&A with ACE Mentor program founder Charles H. Thornton re: what it takes to be a mentor and why it's so important to the industry.

•   Weekend diversions: Stephens feels morally obligated to review "Big Box Swindle."

•   King nominates "Atlas of the Real World" as his "candidate for 2008's most mesmerizing book."

•   Rawsthorn is enchanted by "Ken Adam Designs the Movies" (remember Dr. Strangelove's War Room?), and how his influence has "extended beyond film into other design disciplines" (great slide show).

•   Bayley's take on Corbu show: his "visionary genius should help clear his name as the man 'responsible' for our Sixties council blocks" - politicians and value engineering were really at fault.

•   In Glasgow, "Architecture in Scotland 2006-2008: Building Biographies" places Scottish buildings in an international context (great links).

•   Call for entries: 2009 Great Places Awards (formerly EDRA/Places Awards).

•   APA names 2008 Great Places in America (great links here, too).

•   On the eve of naming the Stirling Prize winner, BD's Carbuncle Cup 2008 winner; says the architect: the design is not our fault. - Bookies blame the lack of a clear frontrunner for the slow betting on a Stirling favorite.

•   We couldn't resist: a technicolor Hadid at the National Portrait Gallery "immortalized in a portrait as vivid as she is."


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