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Today's News - Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Not-so-good green news with a decidedly British accent: Forum for the Future's Sustainable Cities Index holds a few surprises. -- Another report says even the greenest are energy hogs. -- The bad news: looks like the British government is making a U-turn re: renewable energy targets. -- Meanwhile, the public is asked to vote on which environmental project should get £50 million. -- On a brighter note: Brad Pitt's Make it Right plans to make things better (and greener) in New Orleans. -- New Zealand's first über-green office building ready for its close-up. -- Another take on Grand Rapids' über-green museum. -- In Kazakhstan, Astana's "veneer of bling" is a "surreal architectural collision of money and power." -- Urban gentrification needs a new name ("frontier middle classes")? -- Kamin visits Greensboro, NC, and finds downtown design good (mostly -- but would you put it on a post card?). -- Ohr pods returning to Ohr-O'Keefe. -- Q&A with MoMA's Bergdoll re: women in modernism. -- Stern promises "'no Bombast or boredom" for Bush Library. -- Ehrlich wows them in New Zealand with his "multi-cultural Modernism." -- Against the odds, two Japanese architects put people first. -- An ode to Gaudí: is he the greatest urban architect of modern times? -- Kahn's "facade for the sky." -- Buyer beware: there might be good buys at auction of Mies photos, but some call their origin "mysterious" and "fishy."

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