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Today's News - August 19, 2004

Elizabeth Farrelly eloquently (and hotly) rebukes the claim that there is "No glass ceiling for female architects." -- Still more coverage for Ferguson's call for Grade X rating (and demolition) for banal skyscrapers. -- Why Alsop's "Cloud" bit the dust ("the tail was wagging the dog" is one reason). -- Hopes that bold church architecture will draw petitioners back to the pews. -- New financing for small rehabilitation projects. -- McMansion plans doom a Revolutionary War farmhouse. -- Las Vegas really does have some very good architecture - really! -- Prefab for those with more taste than money (along with a bit of prefab history). -- New Urbanism goes vertical. -- University campus gets an extreme makeover in radical conservatism. -- Libeskind interviewed (stirred, but not shaken). -- Portraits of Havana at the Peabody Essex Museum.

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Gender flaws beneath the glass ceiling: Women architects don't see their sex as a barrier to success. They should, writes Elizabeth Farrelly.- Sydney Morning Herald

Entr'acte | For banal skyscrapers: Off with their heads! ...in Britain, where three grades of protection of buildings already exist, a fourth - more radical - category has now been proposed: Grade X to be attributed to buildings ... that deserve to be torn down.- International Herald Tribune

Why the Cloud [Liverpool's Fourth Grace] had to be sacrificed: Sir David Henshaw Explains Why The Plug Was Finally Pulled. Will Alsop desperately tried to re-design the development's residential tower blocks...went back to the drawing board a total of 10 times. [images]- icLiverpool (UK)

Awe (and Maybe Acolytes) From Bold Architecture: Some church officials in Italy are hoping that forays into church design by architects like Renzo Piano and Richard Meier will help put people in the pews.- New York Times

National Trust and Tax Credit Capital Partner to Bringing Investment to Small Historic Rehabilitation Projects- National Trust for Historic Preservation

A cry to save 1771 farmhouse from becoming a McMansion: Affluence is a killer for houses throughout the Main Line...- Philadelphia Inquirer

The Architecture Issue: A panel of local architects lists area gems. These buildings...form a new architectural legacy with innovative designs that are injecting new vitality into our local landscape. - Jones & Greenwold; Rem Koolhaas/OMA/TSA; Welles Pugsley Architects/Leo A Daly; Dougall Design Associates; assemblageSTUDIO; Lucchesi, Galati Architects/Poggemeyer Design Group/Tate Snyder Kimsey Architects/Paul Steelman Design Group [images]- Las Vegas CityLife

Prefab becomes ab fab: Visionary architects are reinventing factory-built houses. Their designs are efficient, eco-friendly and surprisingly stylish -- created for people with more taste than money. - MKarchitecture; Resolution: 4 Architecture; Michael Sylvester/fabprefab.com; Michael Graves; Office of Mobile Design; Marmol Radziner; etc. [images]- Los Angeles Times

How the West was pre-built: Prefab may seem modern, but kit homes go way back. Ordered from catalogs, thousands were sold in the early 1900s.- Los Angeles Times

Shopping on 1, Sleeping on 2: As developers combine retailing with residential in cities...taking on the trappings of suburbia...a "new urbanist" idea — mixing living and working spaces — gone vertical.- New York Times

University of Denver gets an extreme makeover with one man's modest vision - Cab Childress and his collaborators are trying to be radical in their calculated conservatism.- Denver Post

The judgement of Daniel: For the architect Daniel Libeskind, rebuilding Ground Zero not only marked a professional homecoming but also a chance to confound his critics on the most public stage. Interview by Giles Worsley [images]- Telegraph (UK)

Cuban construct: In his portraits of Havana, photographer Robert Polidori captures the architecture of cubanidad ...currently on view at Peabody Essex Museum [images]- Boston Phoenix

Modern Meets Tradition: University of Michigan Museum of Art Expansion/Restoration - Allied Works Architecture [images]- ArchNewsNow


-- Expansion & renovation: Tétreault Dubuc Saia et associés: Palais des Congrès, Montréal, Québec
-- Exhibition: "Tall Buildings," MoMA QNS, New York


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