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Today's News - November 12, 2002

We lose a master of interior design. -- In LA, the buildings are great, but views need improving. -- Island plans in Israel. -- Tower plan for lower Manhattan: "There is no better combination for urban living than being near the streets of Manhattan and close to heaven." -- Schools designed to serve the community. -- Exhibitions in New York, Pittsburgh, and Jerusalem worth a look. -- Cheers for a new stadium: "architectural equivalent of a slam-dunk." -- Nothing new about subdivisions except a focus on creating sustainable communities. -- Moscow loves malls. -- Toronto respects its (fairly recent) architectural history…and much more.

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Obituary: Charles Morris Mount, 60, Designed 300 Restaurants- New York Times

Israel plans artificial islands: Environmental groups oppose the plans [images]- BBC

When neighbors spoil the view: The new cathedral and posh Disney Hall have others itching to fix up. The county's on the job, but money's a problem. - A.C. Martin Partners- Los Angeles Times

Tall Tower Near Ground Zero Is Proposed: faces enormous hurdles - Kohn Pedersen Fox- New York Times

School Projects Are Designed for Use by the Public: districts attempt to take full advantage of costly construction projects - Spector Group- New York Times

Exhibition Review: Looking Up at 55 Water Street: The six finalists' designs - William McDonough + Partners/VMDO Landscape Studio; Architecture Research Office; Weisz and Yoes, Judith Heinz, Michael Singer/Sam Schwartz Company; Elyn Zimmerman/Gensle/Cheryl Barton; Chan Krieger & Associates/Carol R. Johnson Associates [images]- Metropolis magazine

Exhibit showcases work of architects Venturi and Scott Brown. By Patricia Lowry- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

I'm fun! Enjoy me! a traveling exhibition of postwar Italian design at the Israel Museum- Jerusalem Post

Life's master plan changes for former hippie: Architect finds nirvana in planning luxury communities - Doug Dahlin- Oakland Tribune (California)

Facing steep demands, arena rises to occasion: The Terps' glitzy new home is surprisingly intimate and promises to be plenty intimidating. By Edward Gunts - Ellerbe Becket; Design Collective [images]- Baltimore Sun

A sense of community provided: Subdivisions have been around through the ages: in the future...sustainable communities- Clarion-Ledger (Mississippi)

Mall Construction Shows No Sign of Slowing- Moscow Times (Russia)

How brutal turned into beautiful: The people spoke — and the look of the city changed. Toronto architecture 1972-1981- Toronto Star

Buildings Interiors Design Awards Deadline Extended to December 4, 2002- Buildings.com

Urban Group Dreams of Eco-Friendly Settlement- Moscow Times (Russia)

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- High Museum and Woodruff Arts Center Expansion, Atlanta - Renzo Piano Building Workshop; Lord, Aeck, & Sargent
- Louis Vuitton Store, Tokyo - Jun Aoki
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