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Today's News - October 18, 2002

The list of finalists in competition to design the Pentagon Memorial to 9/11 doesn't include even one "starchitect." -- WTC victims' relatives unhappy with developments there. -- Plans for an Australian memorial in London leave two Australian architects "out on their ear." -- A report on America's most sprawling areas; there are cheers and jeers from locals. -- Project for Public Spaces' "endangered place of the month" is in Salt Lake City. -- A call for British urban regeneration projects to include more sustainable goals; and CABE takes historic preservation seminars on the road. -- Two American firms win competition to design university in Beirut. -- Here's your chance to buy a dilapidated historic building on Auckland's waterfront - and make it part of the big plans for a new waterfront "village." -- The Royal Botanical Gardens in Ontario will be looking for an architect soon.

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Finalists Selected for Pentagon Memorial [images]- ArchNewsNow

9/11 Victims' Relatives Upset About New Ground Zero Design Rules: Civic Alliance is planning on recruiting an independent group of architects to draw up a set of alternative schemes for the site...- New York Post

Memorials and roundabouts: A memorial in England for Australians who died in joint war efforts is in danger of falling victim to Australian bureaucracy - Robert Watson Associates and Robert Woodward...are out on their ear- Sydney Morning Herald

Smart Growth America report: Riverside-San Bernardino, Calif., is nation's most sprawling area- Environmental News Network

Swallowed by Urban Sprawl: Relocating to Inland Empire puts people in the midst of what they fled- Los Angeles Times

Misplaced generosity threatens to disfigure one of Salt Lake City's most beloved places: Gallivan Center- Project for Public Spaces

Environment Agency claims British regeneration policy is not sustainable- The Architects' Journal (UK)

CABE takes Building in Context seminars on the road...to promote quality design in sensitive and historic areas.- The Architects' Journal (UK)

American University of Beirut campus designs turn to green ideals: Project illustrates harmony of architecture with its environment - Vincent James Architects; James Carpenter Design Associates [images]- Daily Star (Lebanon)

Historic harbour buildings go on sale: form the skeleton of a new waterfront "village"...based around the $211 million Britomart transport project. - Jasmax- New Zealand Herald

Royal Botanical Gardens' $45-million expansion will be a 'true landmark': will seek architects in about three months' time- Burlington Post (Canada)

And the Winners Are: AIA Chicago Design Excellence Awards [images]- ArchNewsNow


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