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RISE IN THE CITY 2020 Launches: Building Africa's Future Through Enterprise

Grow your business and help hundreds of vulnerable youth start theirs, with "rise in the city," a virtual networking and mentoring initiative.

By Daniela Gusman, Founder, rise in the city
September 24, 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since 2017, has been delighted to serve as the media partner for rise in the city.


The non-profit rise (Relationships Inspiring Social Enterprise) is looking for 50 forward-thinking architects who will donate a small amount of time over 6 months to virtually mentor a young entrepreneur in Lesotho, a small independent nation within South Africa’s borders. Please sign up and make a difference today! Go to or contact me before October 15 for details (


To help us raise funds, we also need 50 suppliers who will sponsor the architects for just $2,000. In return, the supplier will get to meet with the principals and senior design team of the architecture firm of their choice. This is an incredible opportunity to meet one-on-one with key decision makers, grow business opportunities, do good, and get a tax break!


Watch rise in the city 2020 – a short video about this initiative.


We are fundraising to build Lesotho’s first Enterprise Hub. Nearly 40% of its population of 2.1 million is aged 15 to 30 – who live in poverty, surviving on less than $2 per day.


They are unable to find work, and more than 54% of them will have lost one or both parents by the time they are 17 due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. They have no relatives. There is no back-up plan – and no government stimulus package to help.


Survival means becoming an entrepreneur.


But Lesotho has no Incubator Hub to support and mentor young people. As a result most new businesses don’t make it.


Our sustainable solution is to build an Enterprise Hub that can propel more than 100 young entrepreneurs per year towards a brighter future, every single year.


The local goods and services they provide will stimulate the economy, put roofs over people’s heads, and put food on their tables.


Thus, job seekers become job creators.


Under our rise Fellowship Program, the Enterprise Hub will be designed and built by local talent.


The Hub will offer office space, workshops, a market place, a tool loaning library, practical support with business training, networking, mentoring, and other business support services.


To make this happen we need to raise $100,000 by December 2020.


Our dream is that this exciting project will become a template for creating jobs throughout the African continent.


Please sign up!



Daniela Gusman



Relationships Inspiring Social Enterprise

currently working from Malta: +356 9996 5886

WhatsApp: +1 954 296 9889

skype: danielagusman


rise is a U.S.-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.


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rise in the city

rise in the city: Building Africa’s future through enterprise

rise in the city

Some of the participants from the in loco 2019, a live Design & Build Entrepreneurship Program

rise in the city

How rise in the city mentor/sponsor program works