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2003 Call For Submissions for Architectural Graphic Standards First Annual: "Architectural Entries, Openings, and Doorways"

by ArchNewsNow
April 14, 2003

Architectural Graphic Standards has come along way since its first edition in 1932. This cornerstone of architectural practices is now expanding to include a new annual volume that broadens the topics available in Graphic Standards with more drawings, photos, project descriptions, and interviews with the designers.


Projects are being sought to include in the first annual, Architectural Entries and Openings, to be published in 2004 both in book form and online. It focuses on entries, openings, and doorways including hatchways, hardware, garage doors, operable windows, thresholds, high security (obvious or hidden), urban entries, fence gates, mass transit entryways, park, trail, or recreational area entrances, and factory doors. Interior and exterior, urban and rural, grand and humble, residential, commercial, and institutional projects will be considered.


The deadline for submissions is May 5, 2003, and there are no entry fees required.


Is there a greater honor than being published in Graphic Standards? Says Philip C. Johnson, FAIA, I have always considered my Graphic Standards as important in design as is my pencil. Every architect loves it, wears it out, and keeps it within arm's length.


For information and submission forms, go to Or contact the editor, Wendy Talarico, at


Architectural Graphic Standards is published by John Wiley & Sons in association with the American Institute of Architects.



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