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February 28, 2002

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Welcome to the ArchNewsNow.com home page!

Monday we e-mailed the daily newsletter to our subscribers for the first time....right on schedule!

Our software development team is committed to keeping our Web site pages and the newsletter very small so the site will remain very fast, and the newsletter won't clog up your e-mail.

Very shortly the home page will be hosting feature articles, special sections, a comprehensive industry calendar, and much more. We welcome comments, suggestions, and submissions.

Kristen Richards, Editor-in-Chief




The TED [Technology Entertainment and Design] Conference: 3 Days in the Future - Richard Saul Wurman et al (free registration-required)- New York Times

Dramatic design wins ROM [Royal Ontario Museum] competition: Crystal-shaped glass extensions would reorient museum toward Bloor St. - Daniel Libeskind; Bregman + Hamann Architects- Toronto Star

Mansion House neighbour wins friends: the proposed development would be a positive contribution to the street - Shay Cleary Architects- Irish Times (via Archeire)

Architecture's New Motto: Design Till You Drop: Daniel Herman contends that most of the 20th century's best-known architects had "nothing but contempt for shopping." (free registration-required)- New York Times

Terry Farrell unveils £75m Swiss Cottage scheme [images]- The Architects' Journal

Praise it or raze it? The bid to landmark a huge strip of Michigan Avenue has foes arguing that it's like preserving the city in aspic. By Blair Kamin- Chicago Tribune

Seattle sojourn sheds light for Denver delegation: in many ways a more visually exciting place than Denver. - Barker Rinker Seacat- Denver Post

Sky-high premiums: Since Sept. 11, the cost of policies to cover public places against acts of terrorism has gone through the roof...has put a damper on the development of skyscrapers for the foreseeable future.- San Francisco Chronicle

A landmark himself, [Walter] Kidney remains devoted to city's architecture- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Grants give rise to green schools (GreenBiz.com)- Environmental News Network

[Cincinnati] Planners go back to the future: Streetcars- Kentucky Post

Curtain to fall on Japanese PM's residence: [to be] replaced by a white five-story building...somewhat boxy structure- CNN


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