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February 15, 2002

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MFA renovation a perfect canvas for Foster- Boston Globe

Pei has no designs on architect envy: ...has not seen Norman Foster's design for a new Museum of Fine Arts- Boston Globe

DePaul's building boom sent neighbors no shock waves: no one calls DePaul University's Lincoln Park campus a fortress anymore. - Lohan; WTW Architects; VMC Architects- Chicago Tribune

Canton development to match township's style: Leaders focus on buildings that fit area -- Detroit News

Architects reward the pop art dreamers: They built nothing, but Archigram were inspirational by Jonathan Glancey- The Guardian (UK)

Architecture Is Rich With Meaning -- Just Don't Try to Figure It Out By Roger K. Lewis- Washington Post

Apartment boom creates a new breed of project managers- Infolink (Australia)

Hart's architect row embarrassment - Richard Rogers Partnership (RRP)- BBC News

Book Review: City dumps: 'Geography of Nowhere' author [James Howard Kunstler] rants about America's haphazard urban design- San Francisco Gate

MIDFIELD TERMINAL ARCHITECTURE: A design that's down-to-earth: Understated style is reminiscent of other modern airports - Smith Group- Detroit Free Press


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