Find architectural products including design floor lamps on ArchiExpo.

ArchNewsNow invites you to explore ArchiExpo, the online architecture and design exhibition, which brings you a great selection of products from the leading manufacturers, ranging from design floor lamps, staircases to solid wood flooring.


Metal floor lamps

Whether searching for a decorative lamp or a floorstanding task light, a metal floor lamp can be a striking choice. While task lights are designed to give the correct level of illumination for activities such as reading or working, and may be adjustable, others may prioritize the form or decorative aspect over the function, varying in style and material. Whether functional, attention grabbing or streamlined, find your ideal metal floor lamp on ArchiExpo.

Track lighting

Track lighting

Track lighting may be suspended, surfaced mounted or recessed into the ceiling, holding a number of adjustable directional lighting fixtures. They are particularly used for retail and display environments as they can be modified and adapted to highlight different areas of the space, certain products or exhibits. When choosing, consider type of track (e.g. monorail, 2 circuit etc.) and whether a line or low voltage track is required (taking into account that low voltage systems will require transformers). Ensure that the fixtures and light sources chosen are suitable for the track and compatible with each other.


Oak flooring

Oak flooring may be favoured over other types of wood for its natural appearance, hardness and longevity as well as its resistance to fungus. While solid oak floors may be more expensive and require more maintenance than engineered oak floors, if properly cared for, they can be a good long term investement, as they age well and can normally be sanded for refinishing. When choosing, consider properties such as ease of maintenance, durability and the type of finish required (e.g. oiled or varnished).

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